Solving problems is at the heart of Hyundai’s DNA. We invest in innovative thought leadership to solve the most pressing health and wellness challenges of our communities. Our signature focus is on ending childhood cancer. We fund research and build awareness through our non-profit, Hyundai Hope On Wheels. We seek to inspire innovative thought and discovery to help build a healthier society for all.

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We fund educational programs to help students across the country exceed expectations. Education is the cornerstone to success, and by unlocking young minds, we can create solutions for a better tomorrow.


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We believe in partnering with the communities in which we operate and do business. Across the nation, Hyundai employees lend their hands to build stronger schools, resources, and neighborhoods. By working together, we can create engaged and vibrant communities.

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Hyundai CSR is dedicated to helping.

At Hyundai, we believe in supporting the communities in which we operate and do business. We have partnered with organizations across the nation to improve our neighborhoods and build healthy communities. Together, we can make a difference.

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